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Mandegar Company has more than 20 years of experience in the sales, marketing and distribution of Food products. Since its foundation in 2002, it has been focusing on the processes and activities which is based on scientific attitudes to be highly innovative and pioneering company in trading business that is appropriate to today’s market and customer’s needs.

Meeting the customer’s needs is the main objective of our company that takes priority over any other matter. Staff units include market research, marketing, market development, distribution, information technology, quality control, administration and human resources, financial, warehouse and supply. These units are responsible for the financial plan of Mandegar Company to deliver profitable and outstanding business results.

Accordingly, the main strategy of our company we are supposed to consider to relative and stable advantages of country in supplying food products. Mandegar Company has developed and established its own operational system in different countries during past years in order to accessing international markets and being active in demand centers, and it has been carrying out various trading activities in export and import throughout world trading partnerships and offices. We intend to make and manage a wide and stable network of supply chains in Iran and worldwide by maximum flexibility along with advanced global standards in supplying productions and services, and develop the basis of successful international trade in food industry.

The company`s main activity is international trade by focusing on providing exporting services in the field of food products.

The following key activities are considered for promoting this field more ideally:

  • Providing different kinds of Herbal Beverages, Essential Oils, Herbal Skin Care products as well as various Pickled and Paste products
  • Exporting kinds of Herbal Beverages, Essential Oils, Herbal Skin Care products as well as various Pickled and Paste products
  • Offering export brokerage services

Our Team

Mr. Mohammadreza Falahati

Mr. Mohammadreza Falahati

Managing Director

Mobile: +98-912-1875187

Mr. Hamed Kharati

Mr. Hamed Kharati

Commercial Manager

Mobile: +98-912-1032342

Mr. Amir Falahati

Mr. Amir Falahati

HR Manager

Mobile: +98-912-4573410